about us

So... your name is spelled wrong...

Q: What’s up with the spelling of ‘briter’?

A: It’s a combination of the names of the founder - Brian - and his wife - Teri. BriTer. Clever, eh?

Q: And Ideas?

A: Although the phrase ‘brighter ideas’ works well enough, ‘ideas’ is actually a nod to the 3D CAD software called I-DEAS that had been at the core of Brian’s prior career.

Q: I have this business proposal for you...

A: We are happy to entertain opportunities for contract iOS app development, short term or long term. Feel free to contact us to get the ball rolling.

A Brief History of BriTer Ideas

After publishing our first app on the iTunes Store in May of 2009, the Services side of our business quickly took off and became our primary focus. There are now dozens of apps on the Store that we have been involved in to varying degress: complete development, added some features, or simply fixed some bugs.